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Recap: The Dressember Lettering Challenge

One thing I love about January: it can offer a moment of peace after the busyness of the holiday season. There's usually not as much going on, it's cold out, and quiet after all the hubbub of Christmas shopping and celebrations. It's a time to refocus, to think over the good and bad of the year before, and to move forward with new goals and ideas.

I want to take a moment look back at a huge part of my December: Dressember! And particularly to look at the #LetterForDressember lettering challenge. I'm sorry this blog was so quiet the past month, I admit I was spending a lot of time over on Instagram! It was so great to co-host the challenge with my friend Amy, and to see other creatives join us in participating.

Each day featured a different prompt for participants to letter, draw, or digitally create and share on social media. I loved seeing the different designs participants came up with, and I shared a handful of them on my Instagram story every day. The prompts were …

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